Online work

Worldwide Internet performances are constantly growing, and we’re facing a sanitary crisis : we’re offering an entirely online postproduction service.
To make it happen, we’re using the transfer platform MEGA, wich allows to share substantiel files and discussions, in a very private and secure way. However, you’re welcolme to work with any transfer website of your choice (WeTransfert, TransferNow, SwissTransfer, MyAirBridge, GoogleDrive …)

As Audio files are much lighter than Video files, working online is totally possible even without optical fiber.
Comparison for a 30 minutes file :
* Audio stereo, low quality (Mp3) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~= 70 Mo
* Audio stereo, high quality
(Wav, 24bit, 48Hz)~~~~~= 500 Mo
* Video quality full HD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~= 18 000 Mo

So, transferts are lightened, allowing more frequent and dynamic exchanges with the costumer, resulting in a faster final delivery.


  1. Discussion by email, phone or videoconference, about the project : Objectives, working methods, delivery elements, deadlines, rates…
  2. Exchange of the Contract by email. A free test of our services is possible if needed.
  3. Upload of your files on our platform.
  4. Studio work : The mystery part …
  5. Check point : We export a low quality render of our work on our platform, wich you’ll have access in real time by a secured link. It will allow you to watch and listen what we’ve done to your files.
  6. We get your comments for Rectifications, modifications, until approval of the job (mixing, editing, composition…)
  7. Once the job is Validated, we edit the Bill and proceed to the Final delivery, on the same transfer platform, with the same link.

It’s time to think about your next project !